Why Hackney?


I’m experienced. I'm competent. I'm compassionate. I want to serve Chatham County as your Clerk of Superior Court.


I know and understand the Clerk’s office, drawing on my near 20-years of experience as Assistant Clerk and Deputy Clerk of Superior Court for Chatham County.

I currently serve as Judge of Probate, which includes oversight of all estate administrations. I also serve as a judicial official, presiding over all Special Proceedings, such as

  • adoptions
  • incompetency and guardianship proceedings
  • foreclosures
  • legitimizations
  • name changes
  • condemnations of private lands for public use
  • partitions of real property
  • many additional civil matters

Any and all civil and criminal matters bought before our Courts are managed by and through the Clerk’s office, often referred to as the “hub” of the court system.

Any and all legal matters coming through the Clerk’s office includes my understanding and experience of the Clerk’s office receiving, investing, and disbursing millions of dollars each year that comes from court fees, fines, and other court related activity.

Dana Hackney processing an estate.

Knowing and understanding the varied administrative components of the Clerk’s office is part of my background. I have firsthand knowledge of all record-keeping duties and responsibilities.

Bottom line: I’m ready to lead; I’m ready to serve as your Clerk, to include managing the Criminal, Civil, Juvenile, Estates & Special Proceedings, and Bookkeeping sections and staff.


In addition to my near 20-years of experience within Chatham’s Clerk of Superior Court office, I hold an Associate in Applied Science, Paralegal Technology degree; I am a NC State Bar Certified Paralegal, certified by the NC State Bar Board of Paralegal Certification. On-the-job continuing education has consistently been a priority, to include coursework through UNC-CH School of Government, the Administrative Office of the Courts, and NC State Office of Human Resources.

Recognition of my background, experience, and expertise includes serving as a facilitator for UNC-CH School of Government classes. Additional recognition includes the following:

  • Member, Technology Committee, Association of Clerks of Superior Court
  • Member, Forms Committee, Administrative Office of the Courts - committees representing statewide judicial stakeholders tasked with advancing and improving NC’s administration of justice


Knowing the job is essential, but how I do my job is similarly important. I connect with "It's not what you do, but how you do it." To the point: I care. I understand how the Clerk of Superior Court office impacts lives, everyday. My job satisfaction comes from assisting others.

Dana Hackney at the Chatham County Judicial Center.

The Clerk's office is a place for "making a difference.” A few of many examples of making a difference for those with needs met by and through the Clerk of Superior Court office:

  • explaining the estate administration process to a bereaved, surviving spouse
  • providing an overview of the incompetency and guardianship process to family members in the middle of a crisis
  • helping an adoptive parent navigate the adoption process
  • responding to questions from a distressed homeowner during a foreclosure hearing
  • connecting a domestic violence survivor with support services
  • calming an anxious person who was served a jury summons

Joys are many, to include presiding over an adoption ceremony, learning that a homeowner avoided foreclosure, signing a restoration of competency order. There's joy and job satisfaction in helping folks that often do not realize that they are being helped.

Job satisfaction also comes from the "law," that is, figuring "it" out, to include statutory and legal analysis necessitated by "never heard of that before" legal questions and issues.

Bottom line: Serving as your Clerk of Superior Court will be my perfect job, a job that allows me to help whomever, involving whatever comes into the office or calls me on the telephone, any day and every day. I'm experienced, competent, compassionate, and ready to serve as your Clerk of Superior Court!

--Dana Hackney